Indian molecular gastronomy at Tresind, Nassima Royal Hotel

Dear Diary, On the second floor of the rather nondescript Nassima Royal Hotel is Tresind. The highly lauded Dubai restaurant known for their Indian molecular gastronomy… The restaurant with an elusive 4.9 rating on Zomato (out of a whopping 800 reviews)… The restaurant that makes foodies… Continue Reading

First look inside Weslodge Saloon, JW Marriott Marquis

Dear Diary, Earlier this week, I was a guest at the launch of the new Weslodge Saloon at my favourite hotel, the JW Marriott Marquis. Torontonians may already be aware of this slick modern take on the Old West saloon – though it perhaps has… Continue Reading

Celebrating Retro Feasts’ 1st birthday with Luke Thomas at The Beach

Dear Diary, It’s been a week of chefs this week, starting with Atul Kochhar and Tom Aikens at Taste of Dubai, and now Luke Thomas, Britain’s youngest-ever head chef. In case your British chef knowledge is not so hot, Luke… Continue Reading

Healthy and sustainable at Skye & Walker, Deira

Dear Diary, Put away your lightsaber folks. This is not Dubai’s first Star Wars-themed eatery. Nor is it a gastropub. Nor is it affiliated with Samboy Lim’s basketball clinic. (Who??) Skye & Walker is the latest in a new wave of healthy, sustainable eateries. That’s… Continue Reading