No-frills burgers at Five Guys, Dubai Marina Mall

Dear Diary,

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this burger.

No wonder this place has won so many accolades and counts Barack Obama amongst its fans. I don’t remember being particularly impressed when I was there, but ever since I have had this single image on repeat in my head:

Cheeseburger at Five Guys Dubai Marina Mall

This is Five Guys’ double patty cheeseburger with all the fixings. Check out that oozy, gooey, glistening hunk of perfection. The only problem was… it wasn’t my burger!

I ordered this – a single patty, non-cheese burger. Guess who had a serious case of food envy? Let’s just say whoever said cheese makes everything better wasn’t wrong!

Inside of burger at Five Guys Dubai Marina Mall

Five Guys is another American burger joint that’s made its way to Dubai. It’s a fast-casual restaurant with a simple menu of basic burgers and fries, plus a few sandwiches and hot dogs. There’s no table service, so you order at the counter then pick up your order from the counter once it’s ready, wrapped for takeaway in foil wrappers and brown paper bags, regardless of whether you’re eating in.

Ordering at Five Guys Dubai Marina Mall

You customise your own burger by choosing either a single or double patty, with or without cheese. Then you choose from a list of free fixings, including ketchup, mayo, mustard, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, relish, onions, jalapenos, green peppers, A1 sauce, BBQ sauce, or hot sauce.

When you walk in, you can grab as many handfuls of free in-shell peanuts as you wish. They also have free refills on their sodas, which you can help yourself to at the soda bar.

Peanuts at Five Guys Dubai Marina Mall

They have normal fries or cajun fries (which had seasoning salt sprinkled on). These look like real potatoes, some with skin on, and are served in a paper cup. In fact they were very generous with the fries – we found just as many as were in the cup loose at the bottom of the paper bag!

Fries at Five Guys Dubai Marina Mall

If you’re a fan of gourmet frou-frou burgers, you may not like this new, no-frills, greasy burger joint. However if you’re a burger purist, this is the burger for you.

Let’s look at that cheeseburger again, shall we? Are you salivating yet?

Cheeseburger at Five Guys Dubai Marina Mall

Verdict: Basic burgers for burger purists. Don’t expect fancy toppings, sweet potato fries or onion rings here!
Note to self: Forget about the calories, just order the double patty cheeseburger. And might as well save room for a milkshake!

Five Guys
Dubai Marina Mall

Chow for now!

xx foodie

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  1. Couldn’t agree more, I love this burger and fries, the team, the food, its all amazing.
    If you have not tried it, get across – did I say its amazing!

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