Milkshakes and lemonade at Salt, Kite Beach

Dear Diary,

Dubai has got to be one of the world’s best destinations for food. With each and every day, I discover new places to eat.

Today’s mission was to #FindSalt. I don’t know how many photos I’ve seen of Salt on Insta, but it certainly made me want to seek out this place. I love their branding and the social media I’ve seen, and I wanted to be one of those perfectly manicured foodies snapping themselves with their Salt milkshakes and soft serves. Plus this restaurant is a homegrown Emirati concept frequented by Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Hamdan. Even better!

Lotus milkshake at Salt at Kite Beach Dubai

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never been to Kite Beach so I didn’t really know what to expect – nor did I know how to find it. But after several wrong turns I finally found this gorgeous long beach heaving with people sunbathing in the 35°C heat.

The promenade opened here earlier this year, with several semi-permanent “food trucks” dotted around a new beachside walk. There are some familiar stand-bys (Bob’s Fish and Chips and Doner & Gyros) plus one-off outlets such as Wanna Banana and Surf Shack.

Salt sits apart from the other outlets and has a hip and casual feel, with its two silver caravans parked right on the sand, sandwiched between a mosque and the beach.

Salt at Kite Beach Dubai

There’s a fairly limited menu with a selection of sliders (Wagyu beef or chicken with Cheetos), fries (plain, cheese or fire), lemonade (plain, mint or pink), and milkshakes (“lotus”, vanilla or strawberry). They also have “lotus” soft serve. I wasn’t sure why they were calling it “lotus” when it tasted like speculoos, the famous Belgian shortcrust biscuit. But it turns out that Lotus is in fact one of the brand names for speculoos. There you go. More outlets should jump on this speculoos bandwagon. (Just saying!)

In typical Dubai-style, this food truck has a swanky wooden walkway that you walk along to order.

Ordering at Salt at Kite Beach Dubai

Once you’ve placed your order, you proceed to the second caravan and wait to pick up your burgers and fries there.

Food truck at Salt at Kite Beach Dubai

You collect your drinks at the building next door where the indoor seating is. The lemonades are premade but still fresh-tasting and not overly sweet. In my excitement, I forgot to see where the magical speculoos soft serve came from!

Drinks station at Salt at Kite Beach Dubai

Today we were just here for the drinks. One Lotus milkshake and one mint lemonade please! The outdoor seating was a bit too sunny for me with only a few umbrellas and the indoor seating didn’t quite have the same feel, so next time I’ll come in the evening.

Drinks at Salt at Kite Beach Dubai

Here’s a close-up of my Lotus milkshake. Somehow it didn’t look as glamourous as I was expecting, but it went down a treat. Plus I’m a sucker for milkshakes with cookie pieces – speculoos no less. Getting hungry yet?

Lotus milkshake topping at Salt at Kite Beach Dubai

Verdict: Great place for a snack when at Kite Beach.
Note to self: Must go back for the soft serve and gotta try the Cheetos chicken burger!

Kite Beach
Umm Suqeim

Chow for now!

xx foodie

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