Coffee and a light bite at the Bentley Cafe & Boutique, Dubai Marina

Dear Diary,

One day I will own a Bentley.

But for now, a coffee at the Bentley Cafe (sipped while gazing longingly at the latest 2016 model) will have to do.

View into showroom at Bentley Cafe in Dubai Marina

The Bentley Cafe & Boutique opened in June and is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. This location, in Dubai Marina across from the Habtoor Grand, used to house a small Bentley showroom, but was recently refitted to house a small cafe and boutique showcasing Bentley-branded merchandise, plus a different Bentley model every week. This week’s model was a 2016 in sexy firehouse red, retailing at over AED 1 million. Compared to that, the coffee is a veritable bargain at AED 30.

Red Bentley at Bentley Cafe in Dubai Marina

Though the target market is clearly folk with a high disposable income, any motorhead or car lover can pop into this unpretentious cafe for a coffee and light bite, plus the opportunity to get up close and personal with the latest model Bentley. You can even take snaps of yourself sitting inside. The smell of the leather (sourced from the finest Northern European bulls) is so intoxicating that you may never want to get out.

Inside red Bentley at Bentley Cafe in Dubai Marina

Back at the marble table, you see the Bentley logo emblazoned everywhere. Below is the hardbound leather folio holding the menu.

Menu at Bentley Cafe in Dubai Marina

The menu is small with a selection of coffees, fresh juices, sandwiches, crepes, quiches and desserts. There are three varieties of coffee on offer – Colombian, Arabica or Ethiopian. My Colombian coffee was delicious – rich and smooth. Even better served in a Bentley mug.

Colombian coffee at Bentley Cafe in Dubai Marina

I followed this with a Turbo R energizing juice – carrot, lemon, apple and ginger.

Detox juice at Bentley Cafe in Dubai Marina

For my meal, the manager recommended the Chicken Florentine crepes. Though a Florentine normally has spinach, this was simply filled with chicken and mushroom and topped with a thick cream sauce. Though the sauce looked a bit lumpy, the taste was still good and it was perfect for a lazy weekend morning.

Chicken florentine crepe at Bentley Cafe in Dubai Marina

Each table displays a small menu of Belgian chocolates which I was told have been tasted and approved by the Bentley UK headquarters. Several of these varieties are exclusive to the Bentley Cafe, such as the chocolate-covered biscuits which are like an upmarket version of the Choco Pie.

Signature chocolates at Bentley Cafe in Dubai Marina

Last on the menu? Macarons imported from France, stamped with the Bentley logo, of course!

Macarons at Bentley Cafe in Dubai Marina

Verdict: Chilled out alternative to a boring coffee chain where you can get a delicious coffee. Perfect for car lovers or those who aspire to own a Bentley.
Note to self: Order a large Colombian coffee and sit and sniff the leather.

Bentley Cafe & Boutique
Opposite Habtoor Grand
Dubai Marina

Chow for now!

xx foodie

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