50 ways to eat a waffle at No. 3, Boxpark Dubai

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Today, Mr. S and I returned to the place where Dubai Food Diaries first began. The perceptive eye will notice that my very first post shows a photo of me that was taken in the exact location of No. 3, before it even opened.

No. 3 is a new addition to Dubai’s ever-evolving food scene, opening last October in one of Dubai’s best foodie locations, Boxpark. It’s a relatively small restaurant tucked away between Dri Dri and Bubbleology, done up in inner-city-chic decor (read: faux scuffed chairs and spray-painted tables).

Entrance to No 3 Boxpark Dubai

This is a casual place with pleasant outdoor seating overlooking a kiddie play area, which makes it a perfect stop for parents who want to enjoy their coffee and waffles while watching their children play nearby.

Kids play area in front of No 3 Boxpark Dubai

The menu focuses on one thing and one thing only: waffles. You get sweet waffles and savoury waffles – from breakfast waffles to waffle sandwiches to waffle pizzas and waffle burgers. You can even choose to create your own, choosing your base (buckwheat, cornmeal or sweet) and a variety of toppings including fruits, creams and spreads – or even eggs and meat.

Breakfast waffles and coffee at No 3 Boxpark Dubai

We started with a puffle waffle, a puff pastry waffle with chocolate. It’s like a waffle Toaster Strudel, though I would have enjoyed it more piping hot with a drizzle of Toaster Strudel icing.

Puff pastry waffle at No 3 Boxpark Dubai

Below is No. 3’s take on one of my favourite breakfast dishes, eggs benedict. Two poached eggs are served on a bed of spinach atop a big thin waffle, with baked beans, sauteed mushrooms and veal bacon on the side. The poached eggs were cooked exactly as I requested with a gorgeous runny yolk and the Hollandaise sauce was better than any Hollandaise I’ve had recently, with the perfect tartness for my taste. No wonder this is one of their more popular breakfast items as the combination really works.

Eggs benedict and waffles at No 3 Boxpark Dubai

We also tried the huevos rancheros waffles, though based on the photo they showed me on their iPad mini, I already knew this would be nothing like the Tex-Mex huevos rancheros I’m used to. “Taco Salad and Fried Egg Waffles” might be a better name for it. You get three waffles layered with refried beans and salsa, guacamole, and a sprinking of ground beef. It’s served with a fried egg on top, a squeeze of nacho cheese sauce, and guacamole and sour cream on the side.

Huevos rancheros and waffles at No 3 Boxpark Dubai

These dishes were filling and by this point I was already full. But you can’t visit a waffle restaurant and not have a sweet waffle. No. 3 must have a number of different waffle makers in the kitchen as each waffle we ate was a different size and shape. Our first dessert was a thick waffle with Nutella. Can’t go wrong with this classic combination.

Nutella waffle at No 3 Boxpark Dubai

To cap off our gluttonous waffle spree, we ordered a strawberry trifle. Underneath this generous mound of whipped cream are fresh strawberries, strawberry compote, custard, and, of course, pieces of waffle, which replace the Madeira cake in No. 3’s take on this classic British dessert.

Strawberry trifle waffle at No 3 Boxpark Dubai

Verdict: A different place for parents to stop while their kids are enjoying the play area. Great for novelty value but beware of carb overload!
Note to self: These waffles are filling so get ready to do some serious exercise before or after. Or else consider sharing.

No. 3
Boxpark Dubai
Al Wasl Road
Tel: 04 331 0900

Chow for now!

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