Contemporary Emirati cuisine at Logma, Boxpark Dubai

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If you’re familiar with Logma, then you probably have the same association as me. Logma fries.

But fries don’t sound very Emirati, you say?

That’s because Logma serves up contemporary Emirati food – from the famous (and delicious) Logma fries to the khameer sandwiches. They’ve taken Emirati concepts and given them a modern-day twist.

What you also may not realise is that Emirati cuisine has actually been influenced by a number of cultures. And at Logma they shake it up even more. So on the menu you’ll find some traditional Emirati dishes alongside Western-inspired dishes alongside dishes that resemble Indian cuisine.

Lunch at Logma Boxpark Al Safa Dubai

Should you wish to partake in breakfast, it’s available from 8am to 1pm everyday. You can enjoy a traditional Emirati breakfast which is presented like a Indian thali, with baith tamat (spiced scrambled eggs), balaleet (sweet vermicelli and eggs), chebab (an Emirati pancake) and two kinds of Emirati bread (khameer and regag). Or you can order one of the other dishes on offer, such as the North African-influenced shakshouka or Indian-influenced egg paratha.

Egg paratha at Logma Boxpark Al Safa Dubai

If you feel like being healthy, you can choose from a range of salads including salads with falafel, quinoa, freekeh, arugula, shrimp or the pomegranate mozzarella salad below.

Salad at Logma Boxpark Al Safa Dubai

The starters are decidedly less healthy – such as samboosa (like samosas), chapati bites, arayes bites, chicken wings, and the famous Logma Fries.

The Logma Fries are seasoned in Logma’s proprietary Khaleeji spice topped with crisp, deep-fried parsley and basil and a drizzle of chili oil. And let me tell you, as a non-potato eater, that these fries definitely deserve the acclaim.

Logma fries at Logma Boxpark Al Safa Dubai

But my personal favourite was the Khaleeji chicken wings – fried and tossed in Khaleeji spices with lemon, garlic and red onions. They won’t be to everyone’s tastes but I loved the tangy, fresh, lemony flavour. The only drawback was that the wings themselves were quite tiny.

Khaleeji chicken wings at Logma Boxpark Al Safa Dubai

If you fancy something more Western, you can have a sandwich served on Arabic, sesame-seed-coated khameer flatbread. You can choose from Western fillings such as roasted chicken, club sandwich, pizza toppings, grilled cheese, or burger; Arabic fillings such as chicken shawarma, falafel, halloumi, labneh; or Indian fillings such as chicken tikka.

We ordered the roast chicken khameer sandwich, which came with chicken, onion marmalade, mint, basil, roasted peppers, tomato, walnut pesto, sundried tomatoes and Gruyère cheese.

Khameer sandwich at Logma Boxpark Al Safa Dubai

The only thing we didn’t try from the menu were the rice dishes.

For desserts, Logma serves traditional desserts such as lugaimat (traditional Emirati doughnut homes coated with date syrup) and kunafa (below) alongside fusion desserts such as the karak crème brûlée and Logma tiramisu.

Coffee and kunafa at Logma Boxpark Al Safa Dubai

Verdict: The food at Logma is delicious. Definitely one of the best places in the city to enjoy the food of the UAE.
Note to self: Logma fries and khaleeji wings.

Boxpark Dubai
Al Wasl Road
Tel: 800 56462

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