City Brunch at The Westin Dubai, Al Habtoor City

Dear Diary,

With all the brunches in Dubai, they all start to blur together. Especially after a few too many mojitos! So just what does it take to stand out?

Well, I arrived at the City Brunch at Westin Al Habtoor City fashionably late. I do love a good buffet, but, to be honest, I was expecting just another brunch and thought I’d have plenty of time to sample a few mediocre lukewarm dishes. How wrong I was! Serves me right to be racing around with FOMO as I tried to make up for lost time.

I want to meet the masterminds behind this brunch because it feels like they thought of everything. (Including the DJ dressed up like a chef (or was he a chef who can also DJ??)

And if you like variety, like me, then you’ll be in HEAVEN. (Just make sure you arrive on time!)

There are so many stations that it’s hard to know where to start. From an Arabic section to a seafood counter…

…to the roasts (and by roasts I mean not two or three but EIGHT different meats on offer) including that behemoth of a roast in the photo below.

I’ll take one slice of each please.

There’s an Indian section with curries, kebabs, chaat, dosas and naan.

There’s an Asian section with dim sum, roast ducks, hand-pulled noodles (stretchy dough effortlessy pulled into long fine strands right in front of your eyes!), and my all-time favourite soup – laksa!

You’ll find salads and a vegan section and a juice bar where you can request deliciously healthy mocktails.

And there’s a potato bar! This is something even a non-potato-lover like me can appreciate – serving potato dishes that I even want to eat! There are so many different salts in a rainbow of colours, sauces and gravies for every mood (from Hollandaise to mushroom to rosemary to peppercorn to many, many more), plus what I dubbed the “baby food station” (because it was in fact perfect for feeding to a baby) even though they were purees for adults (from beetroot to purple potato to parsnip to sweet potato to peas).

Here’s the sushi counter with sashimi, rolls, and a WHOLE tuna eyeing you.

If you fancy trying fois gras:

I didn’t even make it to the breads, chutneys, crackers and cheeses.

But of course I saved room for dessert.

Verdict: One of the best new brunches I’ve been to lately in Dubai. Fun and lively. Great for groups.

Note to self: Skip breakfast, arrive early and have a plan.

Seasonal Tastes
The Westin Dubai, Al Habtoor City
Sheikh Zayed Road
Al Habtoor City
Tel: 04 437 3333

Chow for now!

xx foodie

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